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Local real estate agencies talk about market

22 February 2017

At the invitation of ‘Eurobuild CEE’ magazine, representatives of five non-corporate agencies, mainly supported by Polish capital, met to discuss their activities and the state of the commercial real estate market in Poland. Among the conclusions they reached was that it is often better for smaller agencies to work without PR and plaudits, not to disclose the identities of their clients, not to be in the rankings, and not to participate in the Warsaw Research Forum – which means adopting a totally different strategy to the biggest players.

Why? Because the market knows all about the large deals, so they are difficult to conceal. Whereas smaller transactions, often supported by non-corporate Polish agencies, may represent an attractive titbit for their competition – the bigger corporations. Therefore their disclosure is not in the interests of the smaller players.

“Large companies have very good feeling about themselves, because the rankings show that they have the largest market share, while others are completely marginal. But the truth is that the only market share available to win, is our market share,” poined out one of the participants.

You can read more about the mysteries of non-corporate real estate agencies in ‘Eurobuild CEE’ soon.

The discussion was attended by representatives of five agencies, including: Tatiana Spencer, a partner at Aspenn; Bartłomiej Zagrodnik, the CEO of Walter Herz; Agnieszka Mazurek, a board member and head of the leasing department at NAI Estate Fellows; Renata Osiecka, the managing partner of Axi Immo; and Bartosz Koziel, a board member of Nuvalu.

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