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Strategy of work by Walter Herz

12 September 2017

POLAND Consultancy Walter Herz, which recently moved to Warsaw’s Prosta Tower office building, has designed a workplace for themselves based on an analysis of the working environment.

“When planning the shape of a new office, we began with defining our working style and the needs of the entire team. We wanted to create a workplace that would be user-friendly and comfortable for everyone, supporting the creativity and productivity of the team, while maximizing the efficiency of office space. We placed importance on streamlining communication and improving the collaboration between departments,” says Bartłomiej Zagrodnik, the managing partner at Walter Herz.

Spaces have been created for both larger and smaller groups, as well as for conceptual and design work, individual work, and meeting rooms for teams as well as conference rooms for guests. The office space includes telephone booths and quiet zones.

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