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Triuvality. Event for agents by Triuva

08 December 2017

At an event hosted by Triuva in Warsaw on November 29th, the company was able to show off its Polish projects, while getting to know the agencies and other real estate specialists better. But it was the networking – and having fun while doing so – that was the most important element of the party.

The guests of the event were welcomed by Triuva’s Polish team at the entrance to the venue, the Pin-Up Studio on ul. Nowogrodzka in Warsaw. And the attractions that followed gave the whole evening an entirely different feel to the function held by the company a year earlier – an elegant ball in the Royal Castle’s historic arcades (Kubicki Arcades). This time, however, they entered a 21st century virtual world. (Luckily for the guests the delicious food served was anything but virtual.)
The opportunity the event provided for meeting up with old friends, colleagues and partners was nothing new, but one nice surprise was when TV personality Dorota Gardias suddenly spoke to us directly from a huge screen. She was hosting Triuva’s presentation from inside a virtual studio designed to highlight the contrast between the virtual world and how very real Triuva’s projects are. Virtual reality, as it continues to evolve, cannot be ignored – which was why a wide selection of interactive games were provided for the entertainment of the guests.
Those guests who wanted to find out how tech-savvy they truly were could also enter the quiz – and judging by the final scores it seems that real estate people have already embraced the future with some relish. The winner of the quiz answered 22 of the 30 questions correctly.
Another competition held during the evening was devised to test the guests’ creative abilities. The contestants took on the roles of augmented-reality interior designers, who with the help of 3D Virtual Reality headsets set about the task of designing the office of the future – using laser lights to paint them. However, this turned out to be far from straightforward, as the technique required proved hard to master. At least nobody could say that the projects that were designed were not ”unique”. In the opinion of the hosts, the nicest, or rather, most interesting, project was by Maxon’s team of four “designers”.
As usual at Triuva’s events, there were plenty of opportunities for dancing. And for those attending who have always dreamt of being an alchemist (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), a demonstration took place on how to make drinks that frothed and bubbled with liquid nitrogen. We would like to wish all those who attended another successful year: Happy New Year, Triuva and everyone!

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