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The mixture of design and technology will soon pop up in offices

"Companies are now looking to focus on creativity and collaboration, so the spaces that are being designed now or are to be in the future are intended to foster their development," said Sylwia Pędzińska, director of workplace innovation, partner, Colliers International.

"And I believe this mixture of design and technology is soon going to be appearing in many offices," she added. "For sure there are a lot of countries that are behind Poland in the implementation of activity basedworking. The concept, for example, is only just starting to catch on in Germany. Germany is a very hierarchical country so introducing a concept such as activity basedworking is very hard to do, just as it is in Asia where ABW is only just starting to develop," said Sylwia Pędzińska. "It is important that an office is designed specifically for each individual company so it meets its needs. Not every company will feel good in an ABW office as not in every company’s employees do varied work. So it’s important that each project is prepared specifically for an individual company," explained a partner of CI.

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