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Foundation act signed and laid under Skyliner

The groundbreaking plaque has been laid for the Skyliner office building on the Rondo Daszyńskiego roundabout in central Warsaw. The developer, Karimpol, is planning to finish the construction of the 195m skyscraper in mid-2020. “This year we are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of our presence on the Polish market. It is difficult to imagine a better present on this occasion,” declared Karimpol group managing partner Harald Jeschek. When asked about the commercialisation of the project, said he added that the developer had been in preliminary negotiations with two large tenants. “However, we have to be accept that it will be difficult to sign leases at such an early stage because tenants’ requirements are not so clear three years before the completion of the project,” he said.
Szymon Wojciechowski, the co-owner and CEO of the APA Wojciechowski studio, which has designed the building, emphasised how dynamic the development is around the Daszyńskiego roundabout area. “It is one of the hottest locations in Europe. There is a great deal of competition from other projects. However, I am absolutely sure that it will be the best building in this neighbourhood,” announced the architect during the ceremony. One feature of the building that he stressed are the unobstructed views from Skyliner’s offices. Each floor (1,300 sqm) will only have two columns. “There are no columns in the corners in order to give the best possible views,” he claimed. Michał Sadowski, the other co-architect of the project from the same studio, explained that this effect has been made possible due to the independence of the façade and the structure of the building, which is rare in office buildings.

Skyliner will have a leasable area of almost 44,000 sqm on its 45 floors, including thirty office levels and four for retail and services (3,000 sqm). Five levels are to be taken up by the car park, which will have 428 spaces for motor vehicles and 500 for bicycles. There will also be a two-storey Skybar (app. 800 sqm) on the 165th floor and four technical levels. The building is BREEAM-certified with a rating of ‘Excellent’. Warbud is the general contractor of the project.

Interestingly, Skyliner will take up only half of the plot owned by Karimpol on Rondo Daszyńskiego. ‘Eurobuild CEE’ has discovered that the developer is planning to build a second stage project in the future, which is likely to be a slightly less tall office tower – by app. 130 metres. However, Harald Jeschek was unwilling to go into any further details. “A design has been drawn up, but it is at a very early stage. I do not think that this project will be launched upon the completion of Skyliner,” he added.

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