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Ghelamco announces projects for Kraków, Łódź and Katowice

Jarosław Zagórski of Ghelamco Poland

"We leased out around 67,000 sqm In 2017, including 21,000 sqm for hotel space. In 2017 we leased all that we had in our portfolio, so we couldn’t do any more," said Jarosław Zagórski of Ghelamco Poland and explained what are the plans for the 2018 and the nearest future.

"We could also speak about pre-leases, but our new projects were at a very early stage. Anyway, 30 pct of The Hub has already almost commercialised. So it was impossible to do more than we did. 2017 was a very good year, but after the opening of Warsaw Spire and what we have done with this project, the perception of us has changed quite a bit... so really, we can’t complain. We have successfully finished our Wronia project and leased it and finished the leasing of our Wołoska 24 project. We have completed the Mbank building in Łódź and sold it to a fund. So two buildings have been sold, two are leased, some are under construction – and so there’s no reason to complain. So for 2018 and the near future it’s going to be – The Hub, The Hub and The Hub. This is the gleam in our eyes for now. We will also have some news about Kraków, but I can’t say any more about this yet. All I can say is that we are now developing a 10,000 sqm project and planning another one. We are also working on one or two projects in Łódź. I think we will be able to start both this year. We have big plans, but you have caught us at a moment when we cannot tell you any more about them. So we are planning a project in Katowice and to build more in Kraków, but we will be focusing on Łódź, where we have a big project that we are now consulting with the city about. This is to be the new city centre and the project will be marketed as such, although I can’t tell you what it’s going to be called. We have wide-ranging plans for regional markets and will be focusing on The Hub in Warsaw as well as developing hotel space," told us Jarosław Zagórski.

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