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Tenants are listening to the needs of their employees

“We have invited an HR sector specialist – Randstadt to write a report with us to look at the needs of our current and future tenants. They have asked us about the labour market, HR and how we adjust our leasing terms. So the idea behind our report is to show that we are looking closely at how we work with our tenants, how we listen to their needs, and to show that we know our tenants are listening to the needs of their employees and that they care about their businesses and want to be good employers” said Agnieszka Sabat of Segro.

“Segro, which is a company I am happy to work for, is an owner, developer and also a manager of logistic parks. We now have 16 parks in Poland in eight locations. In these parks, 160 different companies work. These companies, which are employers, and like the majority of companies that hire a large number of employees, are now facing the challenge of adjusting their job offers to the labour market” – says Agnieszka Sabat, marketing & communication manager, Segro.

“Companies have to compete to a large extent with wage levels to attract employees. Due to the low level of unemployment, it is impossible to get an employee from the market; they have to be poached from other companies. It’s not every company that has a budget for wage rises but if they don’t they face mass quitting. How companies can tackle this we answer in our report, through the seven steps to an employee’s heart. Some companies try to recruit employees from India or Nepal. It is an interesting approach, but I think it’s at an experiment phase, as unlike Ukrainian employees, the cultural differences are quite big and such employees are not always able to adjust to the style of work in Poland” says Paweł Kopeć, International Account and Bid Manager, Randstad Polska.

“As Randstad’s report shows, 52 pct of people think that the atmosphere of the workplace and the workplace itself is very important. This is where the developer is essential: when it comes to the right choice of location, the right standard and the preparation of the investment. Segro has qualified employees, architects and designers for each stage of the investment process for both new and existing clients. We focus on the interior and equipment in the workplace, after we learn what kind of employees our tenants are seeking to attract. We take care of the office space, the interior of the social space, the kitchen equipment, the lighting, whether there will be a canteen, relaxation zones, waiting rooms, green terraces on the roofs, and greenery around the buildings. Warehouses are moving in the direction of better working conditions with LED lighting, additional light fixtures, and fully glazed dock gates becoming standard” adds Waldemar Witczak, regional director, Segro.

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