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Older buildings need to get smart

Existing buildings of twenty or more years are not yet passed it. The technology to turn a building into a smart building is already here. We don’t have to wait for man to land on Mars; we already have the hardware such as sensors that will monitor the buildings and we have the software to manage and interpret this data. Current technology is difficult to use in existing buildings in the sense that it is more expensive to install than in one that is under construction, especially when a building is occupied by tenants, told us Jakub Jędrys, head of project management, associate director, Savills.
"So the work that has to be done will have to be coordinated with how the entire building functions and with the work of its existing tenants. However it seems to me that such an old building is certainly not passed it and what’s more the owners of such buildings need to start paying attention to this, because over the coming years we‘re going to see several hundred thousand sqm of office space coming to the market. This space will not only be in buildings with better and more modern architecture, but this space is also going to be much more intelligent. In a few years’ time, owners of existing building are going to have to compete not only with more modern architecture but also with the fact that companies are going to choose buildings that are more responsive to the needs of their occupants," said Jakub Jędrys.
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