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Eurobuild CEE would like to invite you to take part in its 20th, jubilee annual conference that brings together the biggest players and influencers of the Polish commercial real estate industry.

Since the first Eurobuild CEE conference we have seen the market immensely changing, and now would like to address the question of what the next 20 years hold for the market. We will talk to the biggest names of the real estate industry and pose important questions. What will the key market players, which probably compete against each other as often as team up to build alliances, reveal about their future development strategies? What do they think about the future of the smaller Polish markets? How far into the future do they plan? How much of their secret recipes for success will they share with the audience? This is a truly unique opportunity to participate in a face-to-face exclusive meeting with the industry’s top decision makers, thinkers and visionaries who will shape the future of the Polish property business.

We kindly invite for a meeting with top managers and personalities - people active within the real estate sector in Poland and creating the future of the sector.


830 - 930 Registration and welcome coffee

930 - 1005 Officail Conference Opening held by Editor in Chief, Mrs. Ewa Andrzejewska

1005 - 1050 Investment Market

We will close 2014 with EUR 3.5 bln spent on the purchase of commercial real estate. Investors are mainly lured by the best office buildings and...warehouses. In H1 2014 the value of transactions on the retail market amounted to EUR 370 mln and its share in the result of the entire real estate sector decreased to 26.5 pct (whereas a year earlier retail sector dominated the investment market).

Prospect of the next few months

  • Which formats of retail space are still good investment products?
  • How long will the demand for warehouse space last?

Vision of the future

  • When will Polish pensioners start making money on real estate as opposed to just West European ones?
  • Assessment of the development stage and development chances of the Polish investment market in the context of the other countries from the former communist block and compared to mature markets in Western Europe
  • Will there emerge new types of properties within the next 20 years? Perhaps the current ones will be forced to revise their functions?
  • How will we be trading properties in the future? Is the financial sector susceptible to civilization changes? Will we use bitcoins to settle transactions within the next 20 years?

Michał Sternicki
General Manager Poland, Aareal Bank

Jarosław Bator
Member of the Board, PKP
Andreas Ridder
Chairman CEE, CBRE
Wojciech Smyk
Vice President, BlackRock
Charles Taylor
Partner, Capital Markets, Cushman & Wakefield
Jacek Wachowicz
Board Member, Globe Trade Centre

1050 - 1120 Coffee Break

1120 - 1205 Retail Space Market

All the eyes are on the capital city. Warsaw enjoys a lot of interest among developers. The plans include two large projects of GTC, Galeria Młociny, the Warszawa-Wschód regional shopping centre of Rank Progress and some smaller projects of Ghelamco Poland and Capital Park.

Prospect of the next few months

  • What industries push the turnover of shopping centres up?
  • Will entertainment and food supersede fashion?
  • How much do you need to give in during negotiations in order to offer shops of popular international brands to consumers? And is it actually profitable?

Vision of the future

  • How to interpret current changes in the consumer behaviour? How will our children and be shopping and what about grandchildren, the ‘z’ generation?
  • What will the sector look like in 20 years or more? What are the visions of people who plan the future of the retail business? What will remain of traditional shopping malls?
  • What do experienced operators of retail space in Poland consider to be of key importance for success in business? Is the identification of the factors as easy as it seems at first sight? What determines success?

Barbara Topolska
Chief Operating Officer CEE, Neinver

Hanna Bomba
Chief Executive Officer, Regioplan Consulting
Sean Briggs
Managing Director, Retail Agency, Eastern Europe, Colliers International
Tony Cowen
Group Chief Operating Officer, Pure Jatomi Group
Marcin Juszczyk
Member of the Management Board, Investment Director, Capital Park Group

1205 - 1250 Construction Sector

In the years 2012-2013 the construction production decreased by nearly 40 pct. In 2014 a bounce on the construction market can be observed (by 10 pct in H1 2014).

Prospect of the next few months

  • Is this a harbinger of a lasting improvement in the industry? Which construction sectors offer the best prospects (residential construction, offices or infrastructure)?
  • A way of obtaining higher margins.
  • Is PPP formula, in its current form, able to help the Polish construction industry? What is the industry’s opinion in the context of necessary changes in order to use this method of project implementation on a broader scale?

Vision of the future

  • Do experiences of the last 20 years allow us to formulate any conclusions for the future?
  • Which factors on the evolving market have the greatest impact on managers’ strategies? In which fields to they seek the modernization of their companies. Will changing technologies influence the method of operations and the efficiency of work in the construction sector?
  • How will we build in 20 years or more? What are investors’ trends and visions which will have to be met in the future?

Jan Styliński
Chairman of the Board, PZPB

Ferdinand Baggeroer
Founder and President of Construction Management Team, CMT
Dariusz Blocher
Chairman of the Board, Budimex
Jerzy Gajewski
Chairman of the Board, NDI
Manuel Mota
Chief Executive Officer, Mota-Engil

1250 - 1400 Lunch

1400 - 1430 Residential Market

Things have not been so good for a long time, even never – you could think when looking at the number of apartments sold by developers. Companies build, sell and buy areas for new projects.

Prospect of the next few months

  • The number of apartments sold has been growing, when will prices of 1 sqm of apartment start growing?
  • Building for lease. Who is interested in that? What profits does it offer?

Vision of the future

  • What will an apartment look like in 20 years’ time or more? Does a residential developer go that far into the future in terms of their plans? Is the look of apartments and houses a derivative of client’s expectations and choices or perhaps a result of calculations of developer’s financial directors?
  • When will apartments start being green? Passive apartment – how distant thing of the future is it?
  • Is there a chance for the development of the market of detached houses in the prospect of the next few, a dozen or so or a few dozens of years?

Zbigniew Gościcki
Chairman of the Board, Unidevelopment
Mirosław Kujawski
Member of the Board, LC Corp
Bartosz Puzdrowski
Managing Director, Marvipol Development

1430 - 1515 Office Space Market

Warsaw office market with its 4 mln sqm of modern space has outclassed other capital cities in Central and Eastern Europe. New projects have been growing, just like the vacancy index.

Prospect of the next few months

  • Has the vacancy level already reached a worrying level? What factors could reverse this trend?
  • Effective methods of acquiring new tenants. What do owners offer in order to keep their current tenants?
  • BPO sector and its influence on the market of office space
  • Liquidity of markets in local towns

Vision of the future

  • What do development departments currently work on? What problems do analysis departments consider? What do managers consider to be of key importance for the competitiveness of their offer?
  • Vision of the office of the future. Which technological achievements that are already being tested today offer a growth potential in the office segment in the future?
  • Will the ‘z’ generation change their expectations declared today into those which we know well from the declarations of the ‘y’ generation as the years go by? Is this direction of the evolution inevitable?

Tomasz Trzósło
Managing Director Poland, JLL

Sławomir Gajewski
Chairman of Board, TORUS
Mieczysław Godzisz
Chairman of the Board, Managing Director, Hines Polska
Przemysław Krych
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Griffin Real Estate
Nicklas Lindberg
President, Skanska Commercial Development Europe
Sven von der Heyden
Chairman, Von Der Heyden Group

1515 - 1600 Warehousing Space Market

Warehouses attracted investors like a magnet this year. Whatever was possible to be sold has been sold. All you need to do now is to wait for an increase of rent rates. The largest players are sure that the Polish market is only a novice with its 8 mln sqm, particularly when it is compared to the 80-mln sqm German market.

Prospect of the next few months

  • Is the era of speculative projects coming back?
  • The influence of the e-commerce industry on the warehouse sector
  • Will Kraków, Wrocław, TriCity, Poznań and Łódź be joined by such centres as Lublin, Bydgoszcz and Szczecin in the next few years?

Vision of the future

  • When will there be oversupply on the market? Where will it be possible to look for the advantage then? Are scenarios being developed for these times now?
  • What sector do managers observe with increased attention?
  • Will a warehouse look like differently in 20 years or more? If so, what will it look like?

Tomasz Olszewski
Head of Industrial Department CEE, JLL

Ben Bannatyne
Managing Director & Regional Head CEE, Prologis
Robert Dobrzycki
Managing Partner Europe, Panattoni
Bartosz Mierzwiak
Managing Director CEE, Logicor
Andrzej Wroński
Country Head Poland, P3 Logistic Parks



1700 Closing of Conference


EUR 276.00

TICKETS: €225 + VAT; The fee covers the conference itself, conference materials, coffee breaks and lunch. Eurobuild CEE reserves the right to make changes in the programme. The enrolment is binding.


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