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1st Amateur Alpine Skiing Tournament - Eurobuild CEE CUP 2015


The first Eurobuild CEE CUP 2015 giant slalom amateur skiing tournament is to take place on Friday, the 20th of February, at Górka Szczęśliwicka in Warsaw. Enthusiasts of white frenzy and winter sports will compete in the tournament. The originator and coordinator of the event is the issuer of the Eurobuild CEE magazine, which so far offered a number of sports events that, however, took place in summer months. Eurobuild CEE CUP is a proposal for, as it turns out, a very large group skiing enthusiasts. Górka Szczęśliwicka does not match the Alps but it guarantees solid snow coverage and an atmosphere which will certainly inspire the contestants to have fun and healthy competition.

We invite representatives of companies related to the commercial real estate market and all those who want to sense the thrill of this sport to take part in the competition.


The games will take place in 4-person teams. The teams will consist of representatives of one firm. The contestants can form mixed groups consisting of representatives of different companies. There is no age classification.


Skiing giant slalom. The score will be calculated on the basis of the total times of all the contestants in a team. The woman and the man who get the best times will also be awarded.

Detailed regulations of the competition will soon be published on the website.

Conditions of participations and applications:

Teams pay an entry free which covers the cost of the event organization (renting the slope, a ski judge and catering). The cost of participation per team is EUR 300 net. Applications will be accepted by Eurobuild.

Professional licence holders are not allowed to participate in the competition. Former contestants are subject to a grace period of 5 years.

Contestants are obliged to have their own outfit and skies. Insurance is to be provided individually. Contestants participate on their own responsibility. The organizer recommends skiing in helmets to all the contestants.

Supporters will be able to take skiing lessons. There will be a possibility of renting skiing equipment on the spot. The skiing lessons will only be available provided a suitable group of interested people is gathered beforehand. The lessons will be free of charge but each participant of the skiing school must cover the cost of renting the skiing equipment.


1400 - 1500 opening of the competition office and issue of starting numbers

1500 start of the first run

1800 end of the competition

1900 - 2400 presentation of awards and a disco (Pub Lolek, Pola Mokotowskie)
Catering will be available to all the contestants during the event (on the basis of bands).


EUR 300.00
Price covers the team entry fee for 4 people and covers the costs of organizing an event (hire slope, judge, catering)
EUR 75.00
Price covers the team entry fee for 1 person and covers the costs of organizing an event (hire slope, judge, catering)



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