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Business Breakfast - Fitting out without stressing out!

Fitting out without stressing out

Design & Build or how to ‘survive’ a large project

Dealing with the architects, the contractor, the investor, the building manager, the few dozen sub-contractors and all the legal requirements... how best to plan a project to ensure that it is of the highest quality and guarantee its completion on time and within the planned budget?

The successful commercialisation of a new hotel or shop depends on many factors. The interiors must be functional and well thought out, but also have to be in line with the latest trends and designer style. A similar trend is evident in the development of office space. Just a few years ago nobody consulted their employees when choosing the character of a new office – that decision was made by the management board, while the reception was the only area given a more sophisticated treatment. Nowadays large companies are striving to outdo each other in terms of fulfilling employees’ needs, increasing the comfort of work and satisfaction levels, as well as presenting the company in the best way to guests on the premises.

However, practice shows that having a good idea is not enough in itself. Many wonderful creations have never seen the light of day due to the difficulty in combining a unique design, the contractor’s capacities, the time and the costs. So which is the right strategy to choose in order to guarantee the right quality and completion on schedule? What is the ‘Design & Build’ approach and what does it have to offer the individual partners? How can you ensure full control of the new project and be successful?

Want to know the answers? Then we invite you to the Tétris business breakfast. Don’t miss the most informative discussions between the most eminent Polish market players and global experts!

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