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edition 5 (230)
May 2018

A spring in our steps

Ewa Andrzejewska

A spring in our steps

Suddenly this morning, she knocked upon my door
Warmer days, you came to me, sooner than I’d thought
Her wet coat off, I sat her opposite
I smelled that scent and everything was lit!
Oh! Spring it’s you!

Our Polish readers may have guessed by now that I am quoting the lyrics of the inimitable Marek Grechuta, which came me to as I succumbed to the charms of the blooming lilacs and the smell of bird cherry blossom on my regular jog along the Vistula. In this month’s issue, however, it is revealed that construction workers don’t even need to wait for spring anymore, as they are able to work all-year-round, thanks in no small part to the modern technology now available to them (which we cover in ‘Winter is Coming... Not!’). My thoughts turned towards lighter topics as I crossed the river over Świętokrzyski Bridge and onto the boulevards that Skanska has just begun renovating. Now that the world is back in bloom, it’s not just the bees that are busy, but building firms too. This month, a representative of the Swedish contractor tells us all about the about the latest gadgets and systems designed to make construction work safer and easier. As I jogged further along and took in the sights around me, it still struck me – as tired as I was – how much I love this city, where in the spring you breathe in exhaust fumes – to paraphrase another well-known Polish song (this time by T-Love). I wondered about the associations it evokes abroad. How aware are people of this city? Has it got a brand name or a slogan attached to it? Are its skyscrapers its main brand? Should it even need a brand? The answer to these questions and whether it’s even worth investing in the visual identification of real estate (in other words, in its branding), can be found in this issue’s feature article, the title of which references another song: ‘What’s the Story, Branding Glory?’.

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