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edition 12 (236)
December 2018

Not just for Christmas

Ewa Andrzejewska

Not just for Christmas
To distribute, to divide, to give out or to apportion – yes, this editorial is all about sharing, as you can see from my trip to the thesaurus.

And I’m not talking about what divides us politically (which this has been a difficult topic to avoid in recent months) or even the distribution of profits and the giving out of dividends (which are the first business associations that come to mind), but about sharing what we have with others. What I want to do is to shed some light on the more human face, or rather the human hearts, of developers and other people who work in the real estate and construction sector.

We certainly embraced the Christmas spirit of goodwill in November, when we got together, as a group of busy elves, to bring some sunshine into the lives of those supported by the Iskierka Foundation. These real estate elves were also given the chance to pen a few personal words about what Christmas is all about, so if you want to find out what that is and what they’d like to wish you over the festive period and beyond, just go to the ‘Santa’s Helpers’ feature of this issue. We also detail the candidates for the Non-Business Achievement of the Year Award at this year’s Eurobuild Awards, which boils down to some exceptional contributions in the field of corporate social responsibility.

It turns out that we like to help, share and support each other not only at Christmas, even though it this can sometimes have adverse consequences for ourselves, as you can find out in the interview entitled: ‘The Calm Before the Storm’.

And what should we wish you, dear readers, for Christmas and the coming year? I admit that it’s difficult to come up with anything original or unique. It seems to me that we all have similar dreams and needs, both in private and in business (although these can sometimes clash with the needs and dreams of our competitors). So let’s keep it as simple as possible: I wish you all good health, a Merry Christmas and the best of luck in the new year!

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