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edition 6 (241)
June 2019

Human is fickle

Ewa Andrzejewska

Human is fickle
Woman is fickle. Whether we treat that as a hackneyed and chauvinistic term for the capriciousness of the fairer sex or the title of an aria in a Verdi opera [‘La donna è mobile’], I’ve decided to change it, to: human is fickle!

Why? Because... I want to, because I can, maybe just for a joke, out of spite, jealousy or anger – or, since I’m a woman, because I’m fickle [joke]. And this is because it’s clearly the case that even the most intelligent device, application or system cannot predict or legislate for the fickleness of human beings. Take holidays, for example. Today I’m planning to book a long weekend at the most modern hotel in the country, but it could also be the case that when my break comes around next month I’ll be doing everything to change my booking, so I can spend it almost out of the range of mobile phones and where the owners of the place still use the old Nokia 90210 (if they can actually get a signal). Why would this be so important to me? Because eventually I’m going to need to take a breather from all the tech that’s springing up around me before it makes me dizzy. In recent days I’ve been hearing a great deal about modern technology in the office and retail sectors. And in this issue we also ask representatives of the hotel sector about the latest technological wonders that have been transforming their business (‘Checking in to the Future’). A plethora of these have been popping up all over the place in hotels and, in fact, there’s no escaping them – some are programmed to determine the guests’ preferences and provide them with the most comfortable stay, while others are designed to support the operational activities of the building. It would be no exaggeration to claim that we are witnessing a technological revolution in the hospitality segment. I am glad, however, that they haven’t forgotten that people are the most important ingredient, because it is they who create the atmosphere of a place. Krzysztof Misiak of Cushman & Wakefield also believes in people and the potential that can be brought out of them. In our conversation, he emphasises that he wants to fully develop the quality of his team. His ambition is for his colleagues to live well so that they can work well. What else is Krzysztof passionate about? You can find out about by turning to page 66 and reading the interview entitled: ‘Aboard a Speeding Ship’.

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