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Centrum Praskie Koneser – part of a living city

Magdalena Bartkiewicz-Podoba
Liebrecht & Wood

06 March 2018

Centrum Praskie Koneser – part of a  living city
How contemporary cities function and develop is currently one of the most important issues for developers, investors and the real estate market at large, not only in Poland but also worldwide. Several trends can currently be seen in the way cities are developing and changing. Being able to sense which of these are important is the first step in creating timeless iconic projects. Today there is a lot of talk about developing urban centres through the revitalisation and restoration of forgotten places and as a result there are many projects to convert and rebuild old factories, to re-use former industrial plants and their space. Brownfield projects are a response not only to the lack of attractive plots in city centres but also to the need of residents to find something different and authentic. Nowadays, people are more demanding in every sphere of their lives. We are more aware of what we want including the kind of quality we require for the space we live in. Care for the castles of our homes is one of the important factors in building up a sense of community. And another is looking after the environment and sustainability initiatives. All the while new technologies are becoming a part of life and are naturally and inevitably entering the real estate market.

Centrum Praskie Koneser project which is to open in the autumn is a part of these trends. It was developed in Warsaw’s Praga district, in the city’s former vodka distillery. When designing the space, we tried to preserve its atmosphere, which makes up a part of the Praga district but at the same time we tried to combine it with modernity. And as it turned out we were right to do so because Google then opened its campus there. Koneser will serve many uses with space for offices, apartments, retail, restaurants and cafés, hotels and conference and exhibition halls. We plan to set up a nursery school in one of the buildings. The area will be open and we have also made plans for Koneser square , which is to be a place for public events –and we’ve put the history of the former distillery back into the project by opening the Museum of Polish Vodka within the complex. We would like to host events such as art exhibitions within the complex. We have also allocated 30 pct of the retail area to restaurants and cafés. Koneser will include a wide variety of restaurants so that everyone can find something they like. We hope that this place will continue to be full of life after working hours, which was always our intention – to create a unique space, Warsaw’s first lifestyle centre and to give it back to the city and its residents as an important part of the Warsaw.

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