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Connected by Skanska - an application for office management

17 April 2018
In Q2 2018, Skanska will deliver to market its Spark office investment - the first building in which the company will introduce its in-house software, Connected by Skanska, dedicated to office tenants and office property managers. The solution combines the functionality of mobile phone applications, office space and receptions management platforms as well as collecting analytic data in the cloud. This integrated tool, which one can use via a smartphone and - in the case of selected features - even with a smartwatch, has been designed to help tenants’ employees and guests while they are working in or visiting the office building.

State-of-the-art technologies and solutions based on the Internet of Things are being increasingly used on the office and residential real estate markets. There is an extensive range of new smart solutions developed for both the office space and its infrastructure. - We are currently at such a level of development of the Internet of Things that common analogue solutions, such as normal office access cards may soon be obsolete. We want to not only connect people with the building more effectively by using real-time-data, but also to link people with others. Connected by Skanska software combines solutions that support navigating throughout the building, so the user will use them all in one system and one tool - comments Renata Nowakowska, Innovations Manager at Skanska's office unit.

Users of Connected by Skanska solutions will be able to benefit from the opportunities that will facilitate their access to the building and help navigate them on the premises as well as communal areas. Tenants’ guests will be able to gain access to the appropriate floor by means of a virtual reception. Anyone will be able to make it to an appointment thanks to a one-time pass generated in the application, a solution similar to the airplane’s boarding pass. This will put an end to the problem of lost entrance cards and improve the security of companies operating in the building. - Connected by Skanska is our solution to these and other issues. We will continue to monitor market trends, the needs of tenants, employees and administrators and develop Connected by Skanska projects accordingly – adds Renata Nowakowska.

Tenants will have the opportunity to use solutions that will enhance the utilization of the office with employees being able to improve workplace management as Connected Fit-Out is based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Using a special application, tenants will be able to check the availability of the conference rooms in augmented reality and locate their colleagues in the building.

Interesting possibilities are also available thanks to the Activity Based Parking feature, which allows employees working in the office building to use the parking lot without the need to produce their access card at the entrance. The special system will recognize the vehicle’s registration plate and check whether the driver is authorized to enter. With sensors located at each parking space, the application will be able to indicate how many spaces are available and where they are located. Furthermore, each tenant will be able to decide whether to grant the software such access or not.

The Spark office building will also be the first project in Poland to test Phillips lighting solutions, which will be adjusted to employees’ circadian rhythm by customizing the color and intensity of light to the time of day and - at the same time - prevent undesired shade in particular work stations. In Skanska's current office, specialists also carry out tests on a thermal imaging camera developed by InMotion, a company that won the Urban Quest contest jointly organized for innovative startups by Business Link and Skanska. InMotion monitors which work stations are being used at any given time. This solution will help administrators analyze the use of office space on-line and make the appropriate decision in the case of any re-arrangements.

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In Q2 2018, Skanska will deliver to market its Spark office investment - the first building in which the company will introduce its in-house software, Connected by Skanska, dedicated to office ...
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