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Cities to invest over PLN 2 bln in roads

Eurobuild CEE 26 January 2017

POLAND Sixteen Polish cities are to carry out key road projects using PLN 2.15 bln in subsidies from the EU Infrastructure and Environment 2014–2020 programme..

In a competition held by the Ministry of Development, which has just been adjudicated, the subsidies were allocated to the following projects:

1. Tarnów, redevelopment of national road no. 73 up to national road no. 94 in Tarnów, EU subsidy: PLN 29.5 mln

2. Leszno, redevelopment of national road no. 12 within the limits of Leszno: PLN 57.6 mln

3. Tychy, construction of grade-separate interchange near ul. Turyńska and ul. Oświęcimska and redevelopment of ul. Oświęcimska in Tychy: PLN 166.9 mln

4. Zamość, redevelopment of app. 5 km of a road along national road no. 74 from al. 1 Maja (bridge on the Łabuńka River) to ul. Szczebrzeszyńska (limits of Zamość): PLN 81.9 mln

5. Rybnik, redevelopment of national road no. 78 between the Wileńskie and Gliwickie roundabouts in Rybnik: PLN 14.4 mln

6. Bydgoszcz, redevelopment of ul. Grunwaldzkiej between its Western Interchange and the limits of Bydgoszcz: PLN 113 mln

7. Częstochowa, redevelopment of national road no. 46 – ul. Główna and ul. Przejazdowa, as well as construction of a bypass between ul. Św. Barbary and ul. Pułaskiego in Częstochowa: PLN 96.7 mln

8. Łomża, redevelopment of traffic layout of Łomża along national road no. 63: PLN 16.8 mln

9. Wałbrzych, construction of ring road of Walbrzych along national road no. 35:
PLN 296.8 mln

10. Kraków, extension of ul. Igołomska in Kraków: PLN 310.2 mln

11. Gliwice, construction of road section between ul. Daszyńskiego and ul. Rybnicka in Gliwice – western part of the town’s ring road: PLN 116.7 mln

12. Świnoujście, streamlining the connection between the Uznam and Wolin islands in Świnoujście – construction of a tunnel under river Świna: PLN 775.7 mln

13. Nowy Sącz, redevelopment of traffic layout on ul. Krakowska, ul. Legionów and Bulwar Narwiku in Nowy Sącz along national roads no. 75 and 28: PLN 24.5 mln

14. Toruń, redevelopment and extension of ul. Łódzkiej between ul. Lipnowska and ul. Zdrojowa in Toruń: PLN 10.1 mln

15. Sosnowiec, extension and redevelopment of national road no. 94 in Sosnowiec - stage I extension of the junction of national road no. 94 and ul. Długosza: PLN 23.5 mln

16. Gorzów Wielkopolski, modernisation of eastern exit of national road no. 22 in Gorzów Wlkp between the Sybiraków roundabout and town limits: PLN 15.6 mln

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