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Triathletes compete in Alchemia again

Anna Pakulniewicz 13 March 2017

Anna Pakulniewicz


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Triathletes compete in Alchemia again
Almost PLN 10,000 was raised for early autism detection
POLAND There was excitement, a struggle until the very end as well as intense rivalry and... a fall from a treadmill.

The Torus Triathlon In Da House – the third time the indoor winter triathlon has been held – took place in the Alchemia office complex in Gdańsk at the end of February. The event was organised by Torus, the developer of Alchemia. This year, apart from individual categories, it also involved a company relay. The event was supported the BadaBada programme of the Synapsis foundation.

“This is the third time the competition has been held and it is attracting more and more triathlon enthusiasts, which we are very happy about. There were competitors at various levels and they also had various goals, but this is what it is all about – sport and physical activity are for everyone. Apart from the great fun that was had there was also competing to achieve the best result, as could be particularly be seen in the Pro group, i.e. the professional group. I am very happy to support the Synapsis foundation and its BadaBada early autism detection programme and to highlight this important issue,” said Monika Brzozowska of Torus.

This year the triathlon attracted a total of 126 contestants (individual entrants and in relays), which is a record for the event. The three disciplines included 750m in the swimming pool, 20 km of cycling on a training simulator and 5 km of running on a treadmill. To add to the excitement, the leaders changed several times over the course of the event. In the men’s Pro category the winner was Daniel Formela (1:03:09), while Marta Łagownik (1:11:56) triumphed among the women. The winner of the relay was the Tiger Gym team (1:07:30), followed by Siemens i Przyjaciele (1:09:05) and Torus Squad (1:09:27). Full list of competition results is available at: sts-timing.pl/event/torus-triathlon-in-da-house.

The entire proceeds from the entry fees were donated to Synapsis’ BadaBada early autism detection scheme. Representatives of the foundation who actively took part in the competition (in the relay) were given the opportunity to outline the nature of the programme and the scope of its activities during the event. Almost PLN 10,000 was raised for the cause and more is likely to be donated after the event.

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