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Tunnel to Uznam in 2021

Eurobuild CEE 09 May 2017
Tunnel to Uznam in 2021
the ferry may only take ten minutes but the queues take much longer
POLAND The contract to finance the construction of a tunnel under the Świna River has been signed on the ferry that travels between the parts of Świnoujście located on the Uznam [or Usedom] and Wolin islands.

The road connection to the mainland is to be completed by the end of 2021. A 1.76 km which tunnel is to be built under the Świna river. The project will cost more than PLN 912 mln and is partially subsidised with EU subsidies worth PLN 775 mln. The western part of the city on Uznam with 80 pct of the city’s population has no road connection with the rest of Poland. Two ferries travel between Uznam and the Wolin – Warszów and Centrum. The ferries sail every 20 minutes and the crossing takes around ten minutes with frequent queues that often tail back many kilometres especially at the weekend. “Resolving the issue of a fixed connection between Uznam and Wolin is essential and will guarantee the further development of all areas of city, including its economy and tourism,” stated Janusz Żmurkiewicz, the mayor of Świnoujście. The project in Świnoujście is one of 27 projects that won a subsidy from the Infrastructure and Environment Programme for the Years 2014 – 2020. But because of the expense of the project the subsidy is still subject to the approval of the European Commission.

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