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New image of Museum of Polish Army

Eurobuild CEE 31 May 2017
New image of Museum of Polish Army
Construction work on the museum began in September 2016
POLAND The Museum of the Polish Army is to be developed within the Warsaw Citadel complex with a design by WXCA.

The development of the museum complex should open the Citadel up to visitors. The buildings around Plac Gwardii are to be restored one of which will be the southern building of the Museum of the Polish Army. The museum will comprise eight blocks under a single roof creating a cohesive complex. The three largest buildings will present the history of the Polish army while the fourth will be used to display a collection of oriental weapons. One building will be for temporary exhibitions and can be rearranged to form a lecture hall. One building has been set aside for audio visual presentations and can be separated from other exhibitions. The complex will also include office and service space. “The monumental character and austerity of the headquarters is to be broken up by the subtle surface of the blocks. A pattern has been designed for the museum to be imprinted on the walls of coloured concrete. The patterns of light and shadow on the façade will provide the raw walls with uniqueness and will make each visit to the citadel an exceptional aesthetic experience in any season,” claims WXCA. Construction work on the museum began in September 2016.

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