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Amstar takes over from Heitmann

Rafał Ostrowski 03 July 2017

Rafał Ostrowski


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Rafał is a journalist at ‘Eurobuild CEE’. Previously he worked for Wydawnictwo Murator and for Shopping Centre Magazine, as well as for retailnet.pl. He has also written for many newspapers and magazines as a freelancer and published photo-reportages from his travels to Asia, where lived and worked for some time. Rafał graduated from the University of Warsaw in philosophy. He also completed postgraduate studies in text editing. He enjoys sailing, travelling and family life. For ‘Eurobuild CEE’ he specialises in eastern European markets and is responsible for the film direction of Eurobuild TV.

Amstar takes over from Heitmann
Amstar and Hines are planning to build a total of 26,000 sqm of residential space for sale

POLAND Hines has a new partner in the development of the Novum estate in Kraków of which one stage has been completed with the work on the second stage having already begun.

However Heitmann has sold 9,200 sqm of land on ul. Rakowicka, which has been set aside for the third stage of the estate, and it has been bought by Hines with American fund Amstar, (best known in Poland for its investment in the Złota 44 residential tower block in Warsaw). Originally the land was acquired for the estate in 2010 and the first stage was completed in 2014. Amstar and Hines are planning to build a total of 26,000 sqm of residential space for sale including service facilities on the ground floor.

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