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Polish Chamber of Tourism creates MICE team

02 August 2017

POLAND The Polish Chamber of Tourism has set up a team to deal with MICE issues.

The head of the team is Andreo Grzębowski, the CEO of the Flugo travel agency. The most important issues the team is to address are legal interpretations, lobbying for more precise laws for tourist events and using the position of the Polish Chamber of Tourism on the international arena.

“We are planning to set achievable goals and focus on realistic and concrete issues, which we are able to resolve. At first we want to fix a few important issues for the industry. We certainly will not deal with everything at the same time,” said Andreo Grzębowski.

This is the first such team in the history of the chamber and its tasks will include taking care of the interests of business and representing them to external partners, providing access to knowledge, training sessions, legal and tax advice and protecting honest businessmen against the grey market.

The first issue the tam is to deal with is a new act regulating tourist services. The team is to negotiate with the local authorities regarding insurance protection for B2B contracts.

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