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Data marketing from Mood

04 August 2017

POLAND Social networking is changing traditional wi-fi into marketing and analytical tools.

According to research, many consumers choose stores that use multimedia marketing, howwever, free wi-fi is not enough for store owners to fully benefit from multimedia. “Customers logging into our network via their email or social media are no longer anonymous to us. We have their email addresses, as well as information such as their age and gender, which enables us to send targeted emails, which for example are different for women and for men. This is a double benefit for us, because on the one hand, we can collect data on our customers, and on the other, we can make precise use of it, sending personlaised special offers, vouchers, discounts or competitions,” says Aleksandra Potrykus-Wincza from Mood Polska.

Mailings sent via Mood Polska’s Social Mobile tools can achieve up to a 30 pct clickthrough, more than with traditional tools.

Tools such as Mood Polska’s Social Mix make it possible to communicate directly encouraging them to visit a store more often. “Social Mix is a website which enables customers to listen to music and vote for the tunes from a store’s playlist. Tunes at the top of the playlist are played more frequently. The website is compatible with mobile devices, so customers do not have to log in, install apps or pay to vote for the playlist. Every customer can vote once an hour for one tune from a playlist of around 20. Voters may also win additional discounts for goods sold in the store or gift vouchers,” says Aleksandra Potrykus-Wincza.

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