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Strabag wins tender in Stargard

21 August 2017

Strabag wins tender in Stargard
POLAND Strabag has won the tender to build an integrated transport hub and redevelop ul. Towarowa in Stargard.

Musing Bud, Porr and Eurovia Polska were also in the bidding for the tender for what will be the largest project in Stargard this year. Strabag has agreed to complete the work for PLN 25.9 mln. The town’s preliminarily estimate of the costs came to PLN 23 mln. The work is to be guaranteed by the contractor’s for five years and maintained by the contractor without charge for three years. Srabag is also currently building a second silo for the Kluczewo sugar factory.

The work will most probably start in the early autumn even though the project was originally planned to be launched in the spring earlier this year. The project is intended to reorganise the traffic through the town, while joining together the town’s railway, coach and bus stations. The work should be completed in 2018.

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