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Budimex builds roads for Brzozowo

Eurobuild CEE 24 August 2017
Budimex builds roads for Brzozowo
Part of national road no. 3 from Brzozowo to Rzęśnica in West Pomerania (source: GDDKiA)
POLAND Budimex has won the tender to construct the Brzozowo ring-road including the upgrade of national road no. 3 from Brzozowo to Rzęśnica in West Pomerania to an expressway.

The first part of the contract requires the construction of a 22.4 km stretch of the S3 express road between the ring-roads of Troszyn, Parłówek and Ostromice and the Miękowo ring-road in. The upgrade of the road requires the addition of a second carriageway to the existing road (which mainly runs through a forest). Additionally the road is to be extended from the Goleniów Północ junction of the Miękowo ring-road to Rzęśnica. The original 19 km road was built in the mid-1970s but Budimex is to be responsible for a 3.8 km stretch. Budimex is also to build the Kliniska junction to replace an existing crossroads. The Rzęśnica junction connecting the S3 road with the DW142 road will be completely rebuilt.

Budimex has estimated the cost of the Design & Build project at over PLN 395.7 mln net. The project documentation has to be completed and a building permit obtained within 15 months. Construction work is likely to start in the spring of 2019 and should be completed in May 2021.

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