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Adgar sees ‘Mordor’ green

Eurobuild CEE 29 August 2017
Adgar sees ‘Mordor’ green
First public space with greenery will be situated next to Adgar Wave
POLAND Adgar Poland is planning to enhance the area around its office buildings in Warsaw’s Służewiec Przemysłowy district, which is often described as ‘Mordor’.

The owner of the office buildings admits that the largest business district in Poland struggles with transport problems and suffers from the lack of open public space which would make it possible to meet in a pleasant atmosphere. The company announces that it is planning to create public spaces near its properties. “One of Adgar Poland’s priorities is undertaking activities aimed at making Business Mokotów a more attractive and friendlier district. This is why we decided to redevelop ul. Suwak, in cooperation with the city of Warsaw, which will significantly streamline transport in this part of the city. Another step will involve the development of public spaces where residents as well as office workers will be able to meet and spend time in an informal atmosphere surrounded by greenery,” announces Eyal Litwin, general director of Adgar Poland. The first such place is being developed at the Adgar Wave building at ul. Wincentego Rzymowskiego 53 and the next ones are planned at the Adgar Plaza and Adgar Bit buildings.

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