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A culinary trip around the city with ‘Let’s Meet in Warsaw’ by Knight Frank

A culinary trip around the city with ‘Let’s Meet in Warsaw’ by Knight Frank

The Saska Kepa district is home to the ‘Friendly’ café, but one look at the Knight Frank’s map ‘Let’s Meet in Warsaw’ is enough to tell that entire Warsaw is a ‘friendly’ and sociable. See for yourselves how many places there are in Warsaw to spend quality time with your closest ones, friends or… even clients and where, apart from common topics, the table and culinary experience are a binding experience.

The second edition of ‘Let’s Meet in Warsaw – a culinary map’ by Knight Frank highlights areas which form culinary and social ‘hubs’ thanks to the sheer amount and concentration of venues. It’s no surprise Warsaw is full of vibrant streets, squares and boulevards.

‘Let’s Meet in Warsaw’ gives you the chance to go on a culinary trip around Warsaw. The publication shines a light on foodie zones located in various districts of the city. We have the buzzing Zbawiciela and Konstytucji Squares with the new culinary mecca of Hala Koszyki located nearby. The restaurant hubs on both sides of Marszalkowska Street are just a few steps away (the quarters of Poznanska/Wilcza/Hoza streets and Nowogrodzka/Zurawia streets). Less obvious culinary destinations include Francuska Street in the district of Saska Kepa. It’s also worth to venture to Praga to discover the countless bars and venues in Zabkowska and Okrzei streets. On the way back to the city centre, fans of downtown Warsaw can go to Grzybowski Square where new restaurants are popping up at a fast pace.

‘Warsaw is constantly growing. Meeting places are no exception. They are opening throughout the city. Areas with many venues concentrated outside the city centre are definitely worth having a look at. Almost every district in Warsaw has a rich culinary and social zone to offer.’ – says Elżbieta Czerpak, Head of Research at Knight Frank.

‘Let’s Meet in Warsaw – a culinary map’ highlights interesting locations, which are not that obvious at first sight. Did you know that in Warsaw you can eat sushi under the palm trees, try Chinese cuisine in an former city bath, open champagne with a sabre or enjoy a drink on a terrace 122 metres above the ground? There are countless places like that in Warsaw. Their owners and chefs have a good understanding of how the culinary tastes of Varsovians change and how to surprise foodies from the capital city (and beyond). In short interviews with the map’s authors, they give a sneak peek of the secrets behind the success of their unique venues.

‘The success of a location is linked to its incomparable character, often embodied by the chef. Restaurant owners keep on inventing new surprising culinary concepts. Thanks to that the restaurant offer of Warsaw is becoming richer from year to year. You can discover your own favourite place or even places as the range of venues is astounding.’ – adds Paweł Materny, Head of Retail Agency at Knight Frank.

In last year’s successful issue, Knight Frank’s experts presented culinary trends. In the new edition of ‘Let’s Meet in Warsaw’ they saved best for last and added a sweet ending in form of a list of places to meet and… have dessert in traditional and modern bakeries of Warsaw. Varsovians are really fond of sweets. The first bakery in the capital opened in the 18th century. See which desserts are Warsaw’s favourites today. Maybe your favourite bakery is on the list?

The latest issue of ‘Let’s Meet in Warsaw – a culinary map’ will be attached to the September edition of the ‘Eurobuild CEE’ magazine. The electronic version of the map is available for download on the website: www.knightfrank.com.pl

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