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‘Warsaw without Barriers’ competition announced

05 September 2017

POLAND The Friends of Integration Association has announced the ‘Warsaw Project without Barriers’ competition promoting architectural accessibility for the disabled.

The competition will reward the best architectural and urban planning projects that improve access for the disabled to buildings within Warsaw. “With the ‘Warsaw without Barriers’ project we can show the disabled the spaces that take into account their needs and make it possible for them to function normally in society,” says Piotr Pawłowski, the president of the association. The prizes will be awarded in four categories: district authority, a public utility building, a residential/office/retail facility and historic building. The deadline for competition entries is October 10th 2017 and submissions can be made to the: http://www.integracja.org/uncategorized/wez-udzial-w-jednym-z-konkursow/ website. The award ceremony will take place in November during the 22nd Grand Integration Gala in the Arena Ursynów sports centre in Warsaw. The competition is being sponsored by the City of Warsaw and is partnered by: Eurobuild CEE, Komputer Świat, GoMobi.pl, Polsko-Japońska Akademia Technik Komputerowych, Instytut Rozwoju Szkolnictwa Wyższego, Bryla.pl and Niepelnosprawni.pl. The association was founded over 20 years ago and since 1997 it has issued the ‘Integracja’ magazine. Since 1997 it has produced the ‘Misja Integracja’ TV programme, in 2003 it established the www.niepelnosprawni.pl portal and in 2013 it established the www.sprawniwpracy.pl recruitment website. The association has also organised a number of social awareness campaigns such as ‘I do not want to be a fireman’, ‘A lack of imagination is a tragedy’, ‘Would you really want to be in our place’ and ‘Why do you treat us differently’.

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