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Contractor (almost) chosen for tunnel under Świna

18 September 2017

Contractor (almost) chosen for tunnel under Świna
POLAND The General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways [GDDKiA] has received four bids for the tender to construct a tunnel under the river Świna, which is to connect the island of Uznam with the mainland.

Four offers were submitted in the procedure, ranging from PLN 618.58 mln to PLN 825.86 mln. The lowest price was a bid by a consortium of Italian companies: Toto Costruzioni Generali and ICM. All the contractors have agreed to a deadline of 48 months. The 1.44 km tunnel connecting the two parts of Świnoujście is to be built with a tunnel boring machine with a bore head diameter of 12m. The tunnel will have enough space for two-way traffic as well as an emergency escape level. Overall 3.5 km of roadway is to be built. The total budget for the project is PLN 912 mln, of which PLN 775 mln is to come from EU subsidies. As long as no appeals are lodged against the winning contractor, the contract should be signed this year.

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