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EUR 100 mln to improve public space

Anna Pakulniewicz 03 October 2017
EUR 100 mln to improve public space
Neighbourhood committees can decide for themselves how to improve their outdoor areas
LITHUANIA Vilnius city council has approved a large-scale ‘Neighbourhood Territories’ revitalisation programme providing funds to 1,288 newly established neighbourhoods to improve their public space.

The city will allocate EUR 10 for one sqm to improve the grounds of blocks older than 15-years and multi-apartment houses. Should all the neighbourhoods of Vilnius choose to improve their public space, the total provided by the city would come to an estimated EUR 95 mln.

“As many as two-thirds of Vilnius’ residents live in ‘sleeping’ districts that clearly lack comfort and convenience. It is my duty and responsibility to make these districts attractive for residents of the city. This is why we have launched this project, the first of its scale in Lithuania,” explains Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius.

Neighbourhood committees can decide for themselves how to improve their outdoor areas and where to channel the investment – e.g. by improving the security (fences, CCTV), sports facilities, or just by improving the infrastructure and greenery. The neighbourhoods will be required to draw up renewal plans. According to the programme, Vilnius’ residents can use the funds to upgrade pedestrian paths and pavements, install access barriers, cameras on buildings, benches, waste baskets, pergolas or to plant some flowers. In addition, funding will be provided for renovating the car parks in the yards and children’s playgrounds. It will be also provided for the official recording of plots of land in the neighbourhood. All expenses exceeding the funding allocated by the city have to be covered by the residents of the neighbourhoods.

Atnaujinkime Miestą (“We are renewing the city”) is the public body that has been appointed to oversee the scheme.

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