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Pekao finances Q Hotel

05 October 2017

POLAND The Q Hotel chain has signed a contract with the Pekao bank for an investment loan, which is to be used by the company for its next project as well as to meet its current debt obligations.

The size of the loan has not been disclosed. “It is no secret that we would like to start construction work on a new centre in the near future. We are particularly eager to start work on a project in Warsaw, which with us being a hotel chain focused on business clients is an important point. However, we are also continually looking for opportunities to open more hotels in other Polish cities and because of this anyone interested in working with us on an investment and particularly owners of land earmarked for hotel development is welcome to contact us,” said Radosław Altheim, the managing director of the Q Hotel chain. The loan is to be used to refinance the operations of four hotels: Q Hotel Kraków, Q Hotel Plus Kraków, Q Hotel Plus Wrocław and Q Hotel Grand Cru Gdańsk. The Q Hotel chain has been operating in Poland for five years. It has five hotels located, including four with four-stars (Q Hotel Plus Katowice, Q Hotel Plus Kraków, Q Hotel Plus Wrocław and Q Hotel Grand Cru Gdańsk) and one three-star hotel (Q Hotel Kraków).

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