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LPP with global ambitions

09 October 2017

POLAND Over the coming years LPP intends to debut on one foreign market per year while increasing its online presence.

In 2018 LPP will start operations in with franchises in Israel and Slovenia, which will mean that LPP will operate in 23 countries by the end of next year. The company intends to increasing its sales area by 10 pct in 2017 and 2018 and in line with this policy, by the end of next year its total sales area should come to 1.1 mln sqm with just over half of the new space to be opened abroad, with just under a quarter to be opened in Europe and the remainder in the Middle East. “Our goals are clear – every year we want to open stores in at least one new market. Our foreign debuts are intended to improve our global recognisability, which is essential for the rapid development of our company,” says Przemysław Lutkiewicz, the vice-president of the board and financial director at LPP. LPP intends to double its online sales not only in 2017 but also in 2018 when it will have online stores in a total of 16 markets. “Online sales are very important to our strategy. Now we have 45 stores representing various brands in nine countries. In 2018 we want to start online sales in a further four countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. We believe that our growing presence in this rapidly developing segment will result in a large number of benefits for us. Every year we’ve seen a record 100-pct rise in e-commerce sales. The internet is an infinite sea of possibilities for us as it represents a complementary channel for us to contact our customers,” he adds. LPP has five fashion brands: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay. The company has a chain of nearly 1,700 stores.

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