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Organising a chill-out in a brewery

Tomasz Szpyt-Grzegórski 13 October 2017

Tomasz Szpyt-Grzegórski


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Tomek is a journalist and editor with many years of experience. He has been covering the real estate market since 2006. His main fields of interest are the investment and office markets as well as urban development. He also edits the magazine’s Facebook and twitter pages (@TomaszSzpyt). His articles have appeared, among others, in Dziennik, DGP, GazetaPrawna.pl, Forsal.pl, Dziennik.pl, Newsweek.pl, WSJ Poland and The City. In his free time he likes reading, cinema and rollerblading

Organising a chill-out in a brewery
The general contractor for Browar Piastowski will be Archicom Realizacja Inwestycji
POLAND Archicom has started the development of a project on the site of the former Browar Piastowski [the Piastowski Brewery] in Wrocław.

The developer is to build app. 1,000 on the plot, which was purchased in 2016. These will be developed in 14 buildings – both renovated and newly-built. The first stage of the Browary Wrocławskie project will comprise 150 apartments in two new buildings: Formiernia and Nowa Beczkownia. The completion of the construction process has been scheduled for Q1 2020. The general contractor will be a company from the Archicom group – Archicom Realizacja Inwestycji. Construction work is to start in the next few months. Browary Wrocławskie will include an open area with walking and cycling routes, cafés, restaurants, shops and offices. A chill-out room is also planned, as well as a fitness club, a canoeing club and a summer cinema for the residents.

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