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400 Stokrotkas and more to come

Eurobuild CEE 13 October 2017
400 Stokrotkas and more to come
The new store in Ryki has a shop floor of 400 sqm
POLAND Stokrotka has opened its 400th store in Poland – in Ryki, Lublin province.
The 400 sqm shop was opened on ul. Warszawska in the town. The company has plans to open a minimum of 40 other new shops by the end of the year. Stokrotka’s target is to have 444 shops across Poland by the end of the year. It aims is to eventually have doubled the number of its outlets since this strategy was adopted in 2013. Stokrotka operates by supermarket and mini-market formats.

“We now offer a broad range of fresh and regional goods due to the implementation of the latest developments in logistics. These support the dynamic organic growth of the chain. Stokrotka is a very recognisable brand, which is why, along with our adoption of modern sales formats, it is valued by shoppers,” remarked Dariusz Kalinowski, the CEO of the chain.

Stokrotka is a retail division of Emperia Holding, which has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2002. Its typical retail outlets have sales areas ranging from 200 sqm to 1,000 sqm, situated in residential estates, convenience centres and shopping centres. In 2013 the company launched its own logistics chain by opening a distribution centre in Teresin near Warsaw. Its second distribution centre, in Lublin, started its operations in Q1 2016.

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