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Slab completed for Mennica

Eurobuild CEE 23 October 2017
Slab completed for Mennica
The ground level of Mennica Legacy Tower should be reached by the end of November

POLAND Warbud, the general contractor for the Mennica Legacy Tower development in Warsaw, has completed the 8,400 sqm foundation slab of the buildings.

Around 1,920 tonnes of steel and 12,000 cubic metres of concrete were used in the construction of the slab. “In the ten months we have been working on the underground section as many as 5,700 mixers were used to deliver the concrete,” explained Piotr Turchoński, the development director at Golub GetHouse. “After the completion of the bottom slab we are now building the walls, columns and ceilings on the -3 and -4 levels. We are aiming to reach the ground-level by the end of November. While carrying out the underground work we are also simultaneously working on the design elements of the above-ground storeys – including the façade, which will be given high technical parameters to limit energy loss as well as operable panels to provide fresh air, while also possessing an interesting architectural form. We have recently prepared a two-storey model of the façade, which we are using to assess its architectural as well as technical aspects. It has been used to choose the type of glass. The model of the façade can be viewed by people visiting the project alongside ul. Prosta,” added Piotr Turchoński.

Mennica Legacy Tower is under construction at the junction of ul. Prosta and ul. Żelazna west of the city centre. The 140m tower and 43m adjacent western building are to comprise a combined office area of 65,630 sqm. Chicago-based studio Goettsch Partners is responsible for the architectural design of the office complex together with its partner for the project, Epstein. The complex’s smaller building should be completed by the end of 2018 and the tower in autumn 2019.

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