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Illumination for Kalisz and Ostrów Wielkopolski

31 October 2017

Illumination for Kalisz and Ostrów Wielkopolski
Over 2,000 light fittings have been replaced
POLAND Philips Lighting has developed a lighting system for Kalisz and Ostrów Wielkopolski.

With LED illumination and the Philips CityTouch outdoor lighting control system town lighting expenses have been reduced by. 70 pct. The lighting was installed by Oświetlenie Uliczne i Drogowe. “Most of the area covered by the Ostrów Wielkopolski project is full of detached houses (...). We decided to invest in modern LED lighting in order to improve visibility and safety of all those in the town,” says Beata Klimek,the mayor of Ostrów Wielkopolski. A total of 2,000 fixtures were modernised. “If a street light stops working or is damaged it will report the failure to the system itself,” explains Maciej Witczak, the president of OUID from Kalisz, which is responsible for the maintenance of the town’s street lighting.. “The lights do not have to all be on at the same time or shine with the same brightness everywhere. You can control it. And this makes it possible for us to lower energy consumption and reduce expenses at the same time,” says Grzegorz Sapiński, the mayor of Kalisz. According to Philips Lighting using LED reduces costs by 50 pct while using the City Touch control system reduces costs by a further 20 pct.

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