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“Five Corners Square” moves closer

Tomasz Szpyt-Grzegórski 02 November 2017

Tomasz Szpyt-Grzegórski

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Tomek is a journalist and editor with many years of experience. He has been covering the real estate market since 2006. His main fields of interest are the investment and office markets as well as urban development. He also edits the magazine’s Facebook and twitter pages (@TomaszSzpyt). His articles have appeared, among others, in Dziennik, DGP, GazetaPrawna.pl, Forsal.pl, Dziennik.pl, Newsweek.pl, WSJ Poland and The City. In his free time he likes reading, cinema and rollerblading

“Five Corners Square” moves closer
The area of the planned square in Warsaw city centre will amount to 3,591 sqm
POLAND Warsaw’s municipal road authority has announced a tender for the redevelopment of pl. Pięć Rogów at the junction of ul. Bracka, ul. Chmielna, ul. Zgoda and ul. Szpitalna in the city centre.

The detailed construction documentation will be based on a concept prepared by Gdańsk-based architect Kacper Ludwiczak, which was chosen in a competition organized by Warsaw’s architecture and spatial planning department. This entails the creation of an area that is open and accessible to the public. A ‘living zone’ should be created, which will be one area, without separate pavements and roadways but where pedestrians will have priority, while it will be possible to drive though it along ul. Krucza and ul. Szpitalna. The concept will also involve the introduction of tall maple ash trees and outdoor furniture to make the square greener and friendlier for spending free time. The square is to be divided into two basic functional zones: urban living space and bar/eatery zones. The living area will comprise outdoor furniture in the centre of the square along its longitudinal axis. The eatery zone will include cafés and restaurants.

The area of the planned square will amount to 3,591 sqm, while the biologically active section will come to 27 sqm – the remainder will be hard surface made paved with grey slabs measuring 200x200x14cm made of architectural concrete, as arranged in stripes to encourage people on ul. Chmielna to enter the square. The road surface will be covered with 200x200x18cm slabs made of dark grey architectural concrete with superior load bearing qualities. The surface of the entire square will be free of steps and kerbs providing greater freedom of movement for the disabled.

The deadline for contractors to enter tender documentation will fall in mid-December 2018, with the tender itself to follow. Investment costs for the project are estimated at PLN 8 mln.

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