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A beacon of truth

Tomasz Cudowski 03 November 2017

Tomasz Cudowski


+48 22 356 25 26

Tomek graduated from the faculty of modern languages at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where he also started his journalist career in the late 1980s. He has worked in the real estate press since 2005, covering the residential market for ‘Eurobuild CEE’ magazine as well as the new technologies and property management sectors. Sometimes he can be heard on Polish Radio 2, where he reviews the press on the morning programme. At other times he can be seen in the Bieszczady or Beskid Niski mountains, where he enjoys rambling with no fixed purpose or destination in mind.

A beacon of truth
The system requires fewer beacons and is thus considerably cheaper than similar systems available
POLAND Indoorway is introducing its Indoorway Industry 4.0 system for monitoring and analysing movement inside factories and warehouses.

A pilot implementation scheme take place in the Electrolux factory in Żarów, Lower Silesia. The new technology helps to optimise production and storage processes, allowing a company’s resources to be employed better, generating savings and speeding up processes. Indoorway Industry 4.0 collates precise data about the movement of the staff, forklifts and other vehicles in an industrial facility. Determining the location of machines and people is made possible due to sensors on the vehicles and mobile devices. An analytic panel enables managers to observe the intensity of traffic on a platform or in a hall in real time. The panel also gives them the option of analysing historical data to help them determine how well the machines are being used or the distance covered by vehicles. The tool data can also be analysed on maps, split into individual zones and facilities.

The system can be used continuously or for just a few weeks to gauge the current capacity of a plant. Thanks to the measurement algorithms the system uses, a relatively low number of sensors is needed, which makes the system cheaper than others of this kind. The installation of the system can be carried out during night shifts or at the weekend.

The first company to use Indoorway Industry 4.0 for analysing production processes is Electrolux. The company’s warehouse of its dishwasher factory in Żarów, Lower Silesia, was chosen for the pilot implementation. It took Indoorway employees eight hours to cover the area of 3,500 sqm with beacons and adjust mobile devices.

“The reception area of the component warehouse is a strategic place where the internal logistics process start. Every delay at this stage can have consequences for the entire production,” explains Kamila Gudzowska-Krzyżak, the supply chain manager at Electrolux Żarów. “With the data collected thanks to Indoorway we were able to check the level of utilisation of each unloading ramp, analysing the work of individual shifts and monitoring forklift movement. The analysis of the information will enable us to optimise our logistics processes,” she adds.

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