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Tenant mix changes in Galeria Jurajska

14 November 2017

Tenant mix changes in Galeria Jurajska
Bookstores Świat Książki and Świat Książki Kids have occupied 175 sqm and 90 sqm respectively
POLAND Two bookstores and Pako Lorente have signed leases in the Galeria Jurajska shopping centre in Częstochowa.

Four other tenants have relocated their stores and extended their areas. Bookstores Świat Książki and Świat Książki Kids have occupied 175 sqm and 90 sqm respectively. Pako Lorente has taken up an area of 103 sqm. In November A&A Dom Jubilerski is to open a jewellery stall of over 81 sqm. Additionally ME&B has opened a beauty salon. Vistula has moved from the second floor to the first floor to occupy 130 sqm. Jewellery store A W. Kruk has also moved and now occupies 72 sqm on the first floor. Since September Wólczanka has relocated to the first floor with a lease of 35 sqm. Smyk is also to move soon to a larger unit with an area of 887 sqm. “Stores are currently relocating and modernising. There are still some more changes ahead of us. However, we are pleased that those tenants that opted for a change of address have chosen larger units and as a result extended their operations in Galeria Jurajska. The reason for this is the financial results that they have generate in the centre as well as the centre’s growing popularity in the region,” says Roman Bugajczyk, the director of Galeria Jurajska.

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