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Szachownica celebrates its 15th

14 November 2017

Szachownica celebrates its 15th
A total of 82 stores of the brand have now been opened across the country

POLAND Polish fashion chain Szachownica is celebrating its 15th anniversary. A total of 82 stores of the brand have now been opened across the country.

Szachownica opened its first boutique in November 2002 and was initially focused on the Lower Silesia region. Eventually, Joart, the owner of the Szachownica brand, started to expand acrossPoland. “Our millionth customer made their purchase in a Szachownica shop five years after our debut on the Polish market. The number of customers we attract increases every year. In 2016 were served our fifteen millionth customer. In 2015 we launched an online service, which is becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to this we have increased our share in the e-commerce market, which is undergoing dynamic growing inPoland. In this way we are reaching customers in the cities and towns where we have not opened a physical store yet,” claims Artur Kuczyński, at the CEO of Joart. In 2012 the company went public. Three years later Szachownica introduced a loyalty programme, which currently has almost 400,000 registered users. “In 2015 our brand underwent a rebranding, the effect of which was the introduction of a modern concept for our stores a new logo. We are currently comprehensively rebranding existing stores. The Szachownica chain currently has more 80 shops across Poland. We can see substantial potential for further development based on a thorough market analysis and the continuous increasing demand for the products we offer,” adds Artur Kuczyński.

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