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Equili saves time

Eurobuild CEE 14 November 2017

POLAND SkyConcept has unveiled the complete version of its Equili platform which has been developed specifically for architects to communicate with their clients.

The platform allows all those working on a project to access, share and comment on materials relevant to them such as text documents and image files. The program’s development is based on a survey of architects that revealed their main issues when communicating with their clients and consulting on projects. “Up to now sharing projects and commenting on them has taken place using standard communication channels such as meetings, e-mail and telephone calls. Architects and designers have also been using the standard methods for sending materials online,” says Piotr Smagała, the ‎business development manager at SkyConcept. “Those who use the Equili platform have accounts with specific entitlements that allow all those participating on a project to comment on image or text files as well as accept any changes,” he says. Using the system both saves time on communicating and speeds up project completion.

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