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Metro Park opens in Wisłą
30 blocks on 30 ha


Smart locks from SOMFY

20 November 2017

Smart locks from SOMFY
Somfy produces a number of smart home products
POLAND V-Connect from SOMFY [Societé d’Outillage et de Mécanique de Faucigny] is an entry phone that has no indoor fixtures but instead connects directly to a user’s smartphone, allowing the door to be answered from any place with telephone reception.

“With this, every ring of the doorbell and as well as the option to open the door can be displayed on a smartphone screen. You can see who is stands in front of the door or the gate at any time. You can also open the front door to allow a courier to deliver a parcel while sitting in the office or relaxing on holiday,” says Radosław Borkowski, the managing director of SOMFY. The company has also launched the Connected Doorlock smart lock onto the Polish market. “Connected Doorlock works well when on holiday. Instead of leaving your keys with friends or neighbours, it provides automatic access to your home via an app or through an internet web page. Access rights can be changed or deleted at any time, avoiding the risks of losing a traditional key,” explains Radosław Borkowski from SOMFY. The Connected Doorlock can also be opened with a special chip in a waterproof bracelet. SOMFY Connected Doorlock uses the latest encryption standards similar to those used for electronic banking.

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