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Dom Jabłkowskich to be renewed

05 December 2017

Dom Jabłkowskich to be renewed
The aim of the project is also to restore the building to its original use – a department store
POLAND Broadway Malyan has published its plans for the revitalisation of the Dom Towarowy Braci Jabłkowskich building at ul. Bracka 25 as well as the neighbouring building at ul. Chmielna 21 in Warsaw.

The design is for the two buildings to be combined to create a department store of four retail storeys. Restaurants and cafés will occupy the ground floor, with the rest of the space to be devoted to retail. A shopping gallery is to be created between them envisages combining the buildings and creating a retail and service area as well as an internal square surrounded by restaurants and cafés. A new entrance is to be built from ul. Chmielna 21. The old staircase in the central part of the atrium and historic stained glass windows are to be retained, creating an area for exhibitions and events. An escalator is also to be installed. “It is a very high quality early modernist building of great historic value, which is why we want to keep as much of the original structure as possible and only complement it with some modern features. We want to keep coffered ceilings to maintain the feel of the original building, with lighting that is art deco and a modernist floor in the style seen at the beginning of the 20th century,” announced Robert Kamiński, the director of the Broadway Maylan studio of Warsaw. “The aim of the project is also to restore the building to its original use – a department store. As a result, a more open layout for the area is planned compared to traditional retail facilities. The project contributes something completely new and unique to the Warsaw retail market,” adds Robert Kamiński.

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