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Shear intelligence

Tomasz Cudowski 13 December 2017

Tomasz Cudowski


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Tomek graduated from the faculty of modern languages at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where he also started his journalist career in the late 1980s. He has worked in the real estate press since 2005, covering the residential market for ‘Eurobuild CEE’ magazine as well as the new technologies and property management sectors. Sometimes he can be heard on Polish Radio 2, where he reviews the press on the morning programme. At other times he can be seen in the Bieszczady or Beskid Niski mountains, where he enjoys rambling with no fixed purpose or destination in mind.

Shear intelligence
Nine Solea lawn mowers can cut a hectare of grass in eight minutes
WORLD You’ve heard of intelligent cars, TV sets and telephones – but now the time has come for intelligent lawn mowers.

Husqvarna has developed a range of autonomic lawn mowers that can independently maintain grassy areas. The Solea system consists of a set of sensors arranged across a lawn, nine autonomic lawn mowers suspended above ground, a cloud-based artificial intelligence system, a reconnaissance drone and a transport drone. The system maintains lawns all day and night and requires minimal involvement from the operator.

“While contributing to and observing the development of automatic lawn mowers over the last 20 years we expect that they will become a key product for professional teams responsible for urban landscape gardening over the next few years,” claims Pavel Hajman, the president of Husqvarna Division.

The operation of the system starts with the reconnaissance drone, which collects data for the area and sends it to the cloud, which in turn estimates the time and resources needed to carry out the task. Meanwhile the transport drone receives the coordinates of the location from the cloud and then dispatches the autonomic lawn mowers and the reconnaissance drone to the site. The lawn mowers communicating with each other and the reconnaissance drone, which controls their movement and turns the lawn mowers off if a human or animal enters the green area. Cutting 1 ha of grass takes nine lawn mowers about eight minutes. Every lawn mower is equipped with sensors that recognise fixed objects, monitor the condition of the lawn, and analyse the humidity and composition of the soil. The drones and lawn mowers are powered by solar panels.

This is not first such innovation developed by Husqvarna, in 1995 the company introduced the world’s first automatic lawn mower equipped with solar panels.

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