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December Mondays good for e-commerce

22 December 2017

WORLD According to an analysis carried out by RTB House, in December internet users were eager to visit e-stores on Mondays, while Saturdays were least popular for online shopping.

From mid-December the high interest in online shopping starts to decline rapidly, which could translate into higher sales indexes in traditional sales. RTB House examined internet – users’ online behaviour in December analysing data from over 40 markets in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. According to the study, internet-users visit online shops and buy products in them on weekdays.

Mondays are particularly popular, internet-users visit e-shops even more than 17 pct more often than the average for the month. Furthermore, they buy even 38 pct more on these days compared to the average for December. Meanwhile Saturdays are the least convenient for the e-commerce industry. The number of people visiting online shops is more than 8 pct lower compared to the average for the month and the number of transactions decreases more than 22 pct below the average. A week before Christmas the frequency of visits in e-shops and purchases starts to systematically decline and it reaches the lowest level on Christmas Eve. On this days shops are visited by 28 pct fewer people than the average for December. Furthermore, the number of transactions is nearly 41 pct lower compared for the average for this month. “In spite of the fact that relatively few people visit e-shops at Christmas, the increased CTR index, which indicate how eager an internet-user is to click on an ad, clearly shows that they are conscious consumers, who look for concrete offers. It is probably related to the beginning of post-Christmas sales. That is why, the more individualized message, the higher probability of attracting the attention of the potential client. Retargeting and artificial intelligence are significant as they can jointly adjust an offer to a concrete person. If an advertiser thinks about a campaign supporting the upcoming sales, they must not forget about such potential,” says Łukasz Abgarowicz, business development director Poland, RTB House. Polish consumers are in line with the trend presented by the company. In Poland internet users are most eager to visit online shops on Sundays – even over 19 pct more often that the December average. However, they conclude more transactions on weekdays, particularly on Mondays – even 54 pct more often that the average for December. Just like the rest of the world, Polish internet-users are most eager to click on ads on the 25th, 26th and 27th of December – they do it over 10 pct, 13 pct and 12 pct more often than the average for the entire month respectively. Directly after Christmas e-shops start to observe significant increases of visits and transactions. For example, on the 27th of December Poles visited shops’ websites 40 pct more than the average for the December and they made 22 pct purchases than the average for the month.

RTB House is a Polish company which specializes in retargeting technology. The company was founded in 2012 and it currently services over 1,000 campaigns on over 40 markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific and Latin America. The team consists of 300 specialists.

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