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Millennium Plaza gets younger

Eurobuild CEE 27 December 2017
POLAND Atlas Estate, the owner of the Millennium Plaza office building in Warsaw, has announced another stage of the facility’s modernisation.
The greatest changes are to be carried out in the lobby. After recently completed investment in technical infrastructure and safety of the office building, Atlas started renovation of the public area in Millennium Plaza. The project is to last app. seven months and it is to be completed in the summer of 2018. In the course of the work tenants will be able to use a side entrance to the building, which has been refurbished. The work will involve refreshing the colours in the communal area. In the new variant, floors and walls will acquire light colours, which will enhance aesthetics in this part of the building. The lift foyer is to be modernized and the goods delivery area will be moved to the back of the building. The open area between levels 0 and -1 will be built-up. The reception and access control readers will be moved to the main lobby opposite the entrance to the building. There will be a round LED information screen above the reception. Tenants will be able to use software which will make it possible to conveniently administer meetings. “When the project is complete Millennium Plaza with its new systems and look will be one of the leading office buildings in Warsaw,” said Reuven Havar, general director at Atlas. The design of the modernization of the communal area was created by the Epstein architectural studio.

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