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Nowe Żerniki bright and safe

Tomasz Cudowski 27 December 2017

Tomasz Cudowski


+48 22 356 25 26

Tomek graduated from the faculty of modern languages at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where he also started his journalist career in the late 1980s. He has worked in the real estate press since 2005, covering the residential market for ‘Eurobuild CEE’ magazine as well as the new technologies and property management sectors. Sometimes he can be heard on Polish Radio 2, where he reviews the press on the morning programme. At other times he can be seen in the Bieszczady or Beskid Niski mountains, where he enjoys rambling with no fixed purpose or destination in mind.

POLAND Philips Lighting has executed the lighting in the Nowe Żerniki estate in Wrocław. Thanks to the Philips CityTouch and Lumimotion systems the complex meets top lighting standards. The Luma fittings from Philips Lighting were installed at two heights: 5 and 8 meters, which accompanied by lens caps and backlight illumination limiters, places the light exactly where it is needed.

Meanwhile the Lumimotion system detects motion or its lack and it adjust light intensity accordingly. The fittings used also offer a varied colour temperature ranging from 2,700 to 4,000 °K – in the places earmarked for pedestrians they provide warm light as opposed to white light where vehicle traffic takes place. The fittings have been connected with the Philips City Touch system, which makes it possible to remotely control and adjust intensity to the needs and changing conditions. The system also has a built-in autoanalysis function and it reports the need for maintenance or exchanging damaged parts on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, the installation of LED lighting equals considerable savings in terms of electricity costs. The fittings used provide 100,000 hours of work without a decline of efficiency while the continuous powering of the street lighting makes it possible to use the infrastructure for the supply of wireless internet or electric car loading. The Nowe Żerniki estate was designed in accordance with the latest urban planning trends. It is an open area creating favourable conditions for the civil society development, which does not use fences, barriers or gates. Thanks to the appropriate lighting and adjusting its colour the limits between residential and useable areas are clearly marked. “The project differs from others because it is a multilayer one. It is not only the issue of savings but mostly the humanization of the lighting. The light is to follow the rhythm of life, not the norms which have to be fulfilled anyway because it is obvious,” comments architect Andrzej Pruszyński, designer of lighting technology and light architecture for Nowe Żerniki.

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