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Another platinum for Alchemia

Eurobuild CEE 29 December 2017
Another platinum for Alchemia
All the Alchemia buildings built to date are LEED certfied at the ‘Platinum’ level

POLAND The Argon building in Gdańsk has obtained a LEED certificate with a rating of 'Platinum'.

The building scored 88 points in the assessment which is the fifth highest score in the country (jointly with a few other projects). All current buildings in Alchemia have LEED certificates with the Platinum rating and Neon – the last stage of the complex under construction – is pre-certified at the same level. The third stage of Alchemia introduces a new quality thanks to its ground floor which is entirely dedicated to public services and pubic space. Argon also offers aaccess to a nearby sports and recreation centre. New cycle paths have been built near the project and cyclists can use rest and refreshment rooms, changing rooms and a large number of bicycle racks. Additional factors which had an influence on the certification included bus bays which were built in earlier stages of Alchemia and an exit from a Light Rail station which leads directly to the project.

All the materials used inside the building contain a VOC amount which is in line with the LEED norm. Furthermore, thanks to superior mechanical ventilation efficiency and special filters the quality of the air indoors is much higher compared to the requirements of Polish regulations. Carbon dioxide sensors have been used in the rooms which are used to gather a larger number of people. An employee can control the temperature in their surroundings, they can also open a window. The designed installations make it possible to reduce water consumption used for non-consumption purposes by 45 pct. Hydro-efficient toilet or urinal equipment also makes it possible to reduce drinking water consumption by minimum 50 pct. The facade of the building provides strong protection against heat loss thanks to the use of materials with high thermal parameters and a special designed aluminium profile structure and its accessories. Numerous ecological solutions have been used: light fittings, presence sensors, efficient devices and installations as well as the HVAC system. Thanks to the BMS system and the installation of meters and sub-meters it is possible to monitor the consumption of various utilities and finding sources of higher electricity, water or heat consumption. In the course of the construction work they implemented a plan of erosion and sedimentation which prevented the spreading of pollution to neighbouring plots as well as an air quality management plan in the course of the construction work. The construction waste sorting made it possible to reuse over 75 pct of the waste.

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