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Carrefour still growing

Eurobuild CEE 12 January 2018
Carrefour still growing
Carrefour has opened a store in Atrium Promenada
POLAND In 2017 Carrefour opened 10 new stores in Poland including three hypermarkets and seven supermarkets. After the opening of the three hypermarkets (one in PIotrków Trybunalski and two in Warsaw), Carrefour operates 89 such stores in Poland.

Carrefour opened seven supermarkets under its premium concept with an elegant design like a delicatessen and which use a number of retail innovations. Such stores stock a wide range of products including bio and local produce. The new stores are in the Aura shopping centre in Olsztyn, Galeria Olimp in Lublin, Dekada and Galeria Kazimierz in Kraków, the Wroclavia shopping centre in Wrocław and the Focus Bydgoszcz centre as well as the Focus Mall shopping centre in Zielona Góra.

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