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Empik in three Dekadas

Aneta Cichla 16 January 2018
Empik in three Dekadas
The Empik store in Dekada Konin will cover more than 250 sqm
POLAND Empik multimedia stores will be opening in three Dekada shopping centres: in Nysa, Konin and Mińsk Mazowiecki.
Stores of around 250 sqm are to open in Dekada Konin, Mińsk Mazowiecki and Ciechanów will occupy units with an area in excess of 250 sqm, while a 350 sqm outlet will operate in Dekada Nysa.

“These are the latest contracts for large areas in our new and upcoming centres. Units ranging from 200 sqm to 1,000 sqm are to be occupied by such brands as Deichmann, Martes Sport, 4F, Rossmann and RTV Euro AGD. The cooperation with Empik is a significant step due to which customers will gain access to a wide range of cultural and entertainment goods. We try to provide our customers with a comprehensive offer in terms of retail and services as well as entertainment, thus eliminating the need for shopping tourism and creating destinations in city centres,” claims Wojciech Nowakowski, the development and commercialisation director at Dekada, which is the developer of the chain.

Eleven centres of the chain operate under the Dekada name in Brodnica, Grójec, Kraków, Myślenice, Nowy Targ, Olsztyn, Sieradz, Skierniewice, Żyrardów, Malbork and Ciechanów. A project is also planned in Nysa as well as transport and shopping centres in Konin and Mińsk Mazowiecki. The chain is to ultimately comprise at least 20 centres across Poland. BOIG Property Consulting is responsible for the leasing of the retail space.

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